It was a short one hour flight from Lima to Cusco. I was able to get a short amowithout sleep as the flight was early but you had to leave even earlier as traffic to get to the airport is terrible.

The flight itself was nice. The views though were absolutely stunning looking out of the window of the plane and seeing the Andes Mountains.

When we landed we had the usual wait till everyone gets off. But holy moly when you get off that plane you can feel that air. It’s amazing that feeling of less oxygen, why? It’s something I haven’t felt before and your Shortness is pretty much straight away.

Lucky for us it was a short drive to our hotel which was about 25mins compared to Lima which was 2 and a half hours.

Once at the hotel, we got checked and went straight to bed to rest so my body could acclimate to this very high altitude.

Later on that night I went out for dinner and a short walk around the city. This city is beautiful with its architecture of old Spanish colonial mix with Inca.

Of course, after that was bedtime.

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