Teddy bear life

Life of a little teddy bear has lots of ups and downs.

The upsides: free travel from my friends to many wonderful places around the world, which has included Peru, Argentina, Uruguay and many more.

Food wow the food that I have had is unbelievable from Japan, China, Thailand etc: it always gets better and better.

Books so many books that I have read from learning about outer space, cooking from famous chefs and everything else in-between.

The downside lots and lots of doing nothing, waiting around at home while everyone works.

That’s pretty much it the life of a Teddy Bear.

Staying at KiChic

So as you know I went to Mancora. I stayed in a boutique hotel called KiChic which is 2 and a half hours away from the airport we landed at of course.

This hotel was beautiful, they clearly tried to copy one of those Bali style retreats.

The awesome room I got had a lovely view of the beach with an outside bed as well to relax on so you aren’t inside.

Within a 20second walk you were at the beach side pool if that wasn’t your thing to hang by the pool you just had to walk another 5 seconds and you were at the beach chilling on the sand.

This hotel gave you a walkie talkie why? So anytime you wanted something from the bar or need something from the reception areas you could just push the button tell them what you wanted and where you were and they would bring it to you.

Pretty much all I did was live the life of a lazy man. Sat on a sun chair on the sand and chilled while reading my book ordering coffees, juices and beers every so often to keep me going. I had the occasional swim in the ocean as well as a walk along the beach to see the neighbours around me.

Overall was a very lovely experience would definitely do something like that again. Though for next time will be at a different beach different hotel and hopefully different country as well.

The trip to Mancora

So once again had to get up at the crack of dawn, ok maybe a little earlier than that hahaha yay for no sleep.

Got to the airport and checked in with Peruvian airlines because that’s who I was flying with for this weekend getaway to the beach resort town of Mancora.

As I boarded the plane there was an issue and that issue was that Peruvian airlines checks you in on imaginary seats and I had to wait till everyone boarded so could hopefully maybe find a spare seat hahaha.

While you wait there are constant cholos coming up to the back of the plane where we are standing asking to use the bathroom, after many times being told no,the flight attendant gives in and lets the la di da lady to the bathroom, where she unleashes the most disgusting shit I have smelt hahaha bloody ugly bitches that think they are too good she needed a good slap.

When you do get that lucky spare seat, the seat is broken and you are surrounded by cholos that think they are top shit. But I got lucky and had a nice little girl and her mum next to me besides the idiots.

Of course we get a rough as guts landing to improve the excellent service and quality of the airline hahah

Fuck I love this country when it all works out in the end.

Rainbow mountain

Early morning get up once again. Damn! This time to see the natural phenomena called rainbow Mountain.

This place once covered in Ice now open and exposed thanks to global warming. It’s a surface on a mountain covered in different types of sediment. The sediment is all different colours like red, green, yellow etc:

This time got up had breaky and got into the van it was about a 1 and a half trip on a paved road then another hour on a dirt track on the side of 2 different mountains going up and down.

That dirt track was something a single lane going through the mountains winding around up and down with just enough room for the car. The issue was if another car came from the opposite direction now that’s scary as someone had to Park as close as they could to the edge so the other could pass.

Once arrived at the carpark for the hike to the mountain you could see on this day we weren’t going to be lucky with very low cloud cover and freezing cold conditions, however, you know you made it this far so trek on your will.

Once the trekking starts you could see the horses up ahead which can be rented for the trip. That’s if you didn’t want to trek yourself but the catch was the last section you still had to do on your own as it was the steepest and horses couldn’t go up that way.

While you trek you could see the horses and the owners walking quite fast to the cut-off point and then pretty much sprinting back to the start to get the next tourists on the horses back. Damn, they were some fit locals.

For 3 quarters of the trek, it’s a fairly standard mountain walk not too difficult the issue is the altitude, not much oxygen up there so the simplest trek is quite hard because of that.

That last 200meters or so is intense straight up sucking in whatever air you can get many people including myself had to stop several times to calm the heart and get some air back in.

When you get to the top and see the Rainbow Mountain it was worth the hard yards. Unfortunately for me, it wasn’t the greatest as the cloud cover was very low so could just see or make out some of the colours. Also with my awesome luck at the top, I got snowed on as well as freezing cold winds.

Once the pictures were taken the best I could do with the situation I was in. I trekked back to the van. Now, this was super easy as my body acclimatised at the top so basically, I marched back like I was on a mission.

Overall good experience hiking in such high altitude knowing that my body could do it makes me happy. The only thing that was a disappointment mother nature wasn’t nice to me today hahahah

Machu Picchu

So early morning, like really early morning had to get up and get ready for the best part of the trip to see Macchu Picchu.

The trip involved a 2 hr bus ride from Cusco to Ollantaytambo. Then another 2hr train ride to the train station in town at the base of Machu Picchu. Once you get through all of that it’s another 25min bus ride to the top of the Mountain.

There you find the entrance to the most surreal place I have ever been to in my life.

Once you walk through the checkpoint with your ticket and then around the corner you see it. The place is absolutely amazing. It’s in the middle of all these mountains covered in vegetation. Down below is the river that travels around it. Also, the clouds are low and sitting on top of these surrounding mountains it really is amazing and I can’t say amazing enough times to show how truly surreal this place is.

Personally, I was in owe of this magical place the lush green landscape. The architecture is perfect everything was built for a reason everything had a purpose.

There were rooms for drying out the harvested food, rooms for the summer and winter solstice, places were the workers slept etc: like I said everything built had a purpose.

The city was built as a hub to connect the nearby towns however one of the main reasons was a base to supply up and get to conquer the next town which was in the jungle just over the mountains, only a few hours away. Which clearly they failed a few times as the people of the jungle were nomads so they couldn’t find and conquer the people.

The crazy thing is this, the building site was still being built when the Spanish arrived to conquer Peru. However, the only reason why they stopped was that their leader was killed so they just packed up and left the site the way it is. This is how we see it today.

Like I said the place is amazing and should be on everyone’s bucket list to visit. The feelings that you get when you are visiting the site are unreal, you honestly believe that it couldn’t be real and it is.



It was a short one hour flight from Lima to Cusco. I was able to get a short amowithout sleep as the flight was early but you had to leave even earlier as traffic to get to the airport is terrible.

The flight itself was nice. The views though were absolutely stunning looking out of the window of the plane and seeing the Andes Mountains.

When we landed we had the usual wait till everyone gets off. But holy moly when you get off that plane you can feel that air. It’s amazing that feeling of less oxygen, why? It’s something I haven’t felt before and your Shortness is pretty much straight away.

Lucky for us it was a short drive to our hotel which was about 25mins compared to Lima which was 2 and a half hours.

Once at the hotel, we got checked and went straight to bed to rest so my body could acclimate to this very high altitude.

Later on that night I went out for dinner and a short walk around the city. This city is beautiful with its architecture of old Spanish colonial mix with Inca.

Of course, after that was bedtime.

Peru: Lima

So it finally happened I got on that plane travelled for 24hrs plus and landed in a new country.

Peru what a beautiful, good looking country it has it all the beach, mountains, food, weather and even more things that will make you love this country.

Lima is the capital city and its huge, with roughly the population of 11 million people hustling and bustling keeping the city alive.

So this is my first trip here and all I can say is the food is amazing it’s nothing like anything I have had before. For example, the corn here isn’t sweet and it’s not small or even yellow like it is back home. In fact, its white, huge and plain tasting which means it goes with anything and everything.

The city is built on the coast between Mountain ranges so the views and scenery are amazing and with consistent weather throughout the year makes it a special place.

Lima has some very beautiful architecture why? Well, you can thank the Spanish for that when they came over in the 1600s and built some of these beautiful old buildings that are surprisingly still standing considering that there have been some incredibly huge earthquakes here so we can thank the Incas for their awesome engineering.

If I had one bad thing to say about this place is this the traffic is extremely bad it took 2 and a half hours to travel from the airport to the Miraflores which is a district of the city of Lima.